Who We Are

Our Location and About Us

About Us

Ottawa Valley Cannabis Store (OVCS) opened as the first Ontario approved Cannabis Retailer in the Ottawa Valley.

OVCS is a locally owned and operated business, that takes great pride in the supplying our community with Health Canada Regulated Cannabis and Cannabis Derivative Products.

We are located in the Township of Laurentian Valley across from the Pembroke Mall.

OVCS Facts

  • Ontario Approved.
  • Local Ottawa Valley.
  • Health Canada Approved.
  • Licensed Cannabis Retailer.
  • Quality Customer Experience.
  • Ease of access of using our click and collect.
  • Welcome environment that is ready to help everyone.

Understanding Our Values

Our Passion and Focus

Our passion is cannabis. Our focus is on our clients wellbeing, convenience and experience in a stigma-free cannabis culture environment.

We provide a welcoming, modern and safe environment that allows our customers to express themselves by selecting the products that reflect their connection with cannabis.

Whether you are curious, haven’t dabbled since college, are a social consumer, a midnight toker or are a cannabis connoisseur, we offer a wide variety of high-quality products and accessories to fit your individual needs and open the realm to new experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is THC?

  • A cannabis plant’s THC content is expressed as mg/g or as a percentage of mg per gram. This is often referred to as “potency.”
  • THC is intoxicating and can produce a variety of intended effects, but consuming too much or choosing a product with a high potency potential can produce harmful or negative effects.
  • THC content is indicated on the packaging of any cannabis product sold on OCS.ca.
  • THC ranges shown on our product pages are provided by cannabis producers and may differ from ranges specified on the actual packaging.

What is CBD?

  • Unlike THC, CBD generally has no intoxicating effect.
  • CBD interacts with the human Endocannabinoid System by encouraging the release of our own endocannabinoids.
  • As a natural product, the CBD content in a dried flower cannabis product may vary from product to product and lot to lot.

What are Terpenes?

  • Terpenes are fragrant oils found in many types of plants that produce a unique taste and smell.
  • The tastes and smells of the terpenes in cannabis products have a very diverse range of aromas. Strains can produce a terpene profile that is earthy, woodsy, herbal, spicy, diesel or cheesy, all the way to citrusy or sweet.
  • Many terpenes are unique to cannabis.

Our experience and safety?

At OVCS, providing clear and credited information on cannabis for customer experience and safety is our goal. In doing this we practice using information on our products directly from approved suppliers and regulators. We firmly believe in the recommendations made by Health Canada on cannabis products and will gladly help connect you with these resources.

Referenced information from OCS.CA learn.

Have Additional Questions?

If you are not quite sure what is right for you or are looking for more information, our skilled OVCS team

is available to help guide you with easy-to-follow advice on all the products we retail.

+1 (613) 629-6827