Smokeless cannabis methods to try

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Cannabis is not just for the jokers, smokers and the tokers, turns out there is room for everyone to enjoy!

OVCS located at 1035 Pembroke Street East in the Laurentian Valley Township carries a wide variety of smokeless Cannabis options, whether you are an experienced user or new to the space there is a product for you to discover. Technology in the Legal cannabis industry has opened the door for access to high quality, sanitary, Health Canada regulated, controlled-dosed products in many forms: Sublingual strips, Sublingual oils, Gummies, Chocolates , Hard candy, Sprays, Beverages, Capsules & Soft gels, Bath bombs & Bath salts.

Did you know not all edibles take 40 minutes to an hour to give effects? Advancements in the production of cannabis extract commonly referred to as micro emulsification in beverages and (Thermodynamic Individual Molecular Encapsulation) for gummies has made it easier and more efficient for our bodies to metabolize THC and CBD cannabinoids into our blood stream (more bio available). These new innovations have brought the effect time down to 5-15 minutes, amazing!

These products include Wana Quick, the full line up of Truss beverages, A1 cannabis, Canopy Growth and many more to follow!

Although the new advancements in cannabis for smokeless consumers are exciting and refreshing to see, we always recommend research and a LOW AND SLOW approach when experimenting with cannabis of all types, as high potency and new formats may carry effects you are not expecting.


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